Varathu Aracha Rasam

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Varathu Aracha Rasam

Varathu Aracha Rasam RecipeAracha Rasam

Rasam is an appetizer/soup made prominently in the South India’s Kitchens.  Unlike some soups/ appetizers which gives you a ‘FULL’ feeling, Rasam is light  and full of flavor and aroma and very pleasing to the taste buds too. Rasam also goes well with Rice.   There are more than 9 ways of making Rasam. Would include all the recipes for making these different types of Rasams in Soup /appetizers categories in couple of days.


Tomato – 1 (can be cut into 4 pieces)

Tamarind Juice – 1/2 handful soaked in warm water to get the extract.

Asafoetida (Hing) – 1/4th of tea spooon

salt to taste

Coriander seeds – 1 table spoon

cumin seeds – 1/2 tea spoon

black pepper (whole) – 1 teaspoon

Red Chilis – 5 to 6 pieces

Garlic – 5 to 6 pieces (optional)

Coriander leaves – for garnishing

Curry leaves (used for seasoning) – 5 to 6 leaves.

mustard seeds – 1/2 teaspoon

Refined oil – About 1-2 table spoon

Method of Preparation – 

For Grinding

Now add coriander seeds, cumin seeds,  black pepper (whole), red chilis, garlic, etc.

Allow the content in the pan to turn brown until good aroma comes from the pan.

Take the content out and put it in a mixie jar (after the content cools down a bit) and grind it coarsely.

Now heat a kadai and boil 3 cups of water with cut tomatoes in it.

When the tomato is soft, slightly mash it with water and add tamarind juice into the water. Taste for sourness and put the tamarind juice in right consistency.

Now add the coarsely ground mixture into the kadai along with Hing (can use Hing powder too) and salt (salt to taste).

Once the content in the kadai starts boiling, remove the kadai from the burner.


Take another kadai for seasoning. Put 1 table spoon of oil in it and when hot add mustard seeds to it and allow it to crackle.

Now add curry leaves. You can pour this seasoning to the kadai containing the rasam.  Now garnish with few coriander leaves (1/2 handful).

Your awesome ‘Aracha Rasam’ is ready!

In South India, Aracha Rasam is generally served along with Rice. It can also be served as soup too!

Happy Cooking!


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