Cold chicken salad

by digitali

Cold Chicken Salad

Cold chicken saladcold chicken salad

A non-vegetarian salad with apple and exquisite vegetables topped with a distinct dressing .



Cooked chicken meat (shredded) -2 cups*

Finely sliced onion – ¼ cup

Finely chopped apple -1/2 cup

Chopped capsicum – ¼ cup

Chopped celery -1/4 cup

Chopped green olives -6 nos.

Lettuce – 4 leaves (rip off the lettuce leaves into small pieces).

For salad dressing

Mayonnaise – 4tbsp

Honey -1 tbsp

Lemon juice – 1tbsp

Salt –To taste

Crushed pepper – To taste

Method of preparation


Prepare the salad dressing by combining mayonnaise, honey, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Whisk well so that the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Transfer the salad ingredients to a salad bowl.

Mix the salad dressing with the salad ingredients and toss the salad.

Chill and serve.


*cook the chicken with salt and pepper.


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