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by rosely

We are not supposed to drink on amitriptyline either, so glass of wine for a treat gone.

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Cass QT intval polongation and ahythmia hav bn potd duing th post-makting piod. Caution is advisd in patints with signiicant badycadia, in patints with uncompnsatd hat ailu, in patints concuntly taking QT-polonging dugs. lctolyt distubancs (hypokalamia, hypkalamia, hypomagnsamia) a known tb conditions incasing th poahythmic isk.

Tatmnt must b continud an appopiat lngth tim. gula assssmnt is commndd tconim that continuation th tatmnt mains appopiat th patint.

Amitiptylin may induc sid cts simila toth ticyclic antidpssants. Som th blow mntiond sid cts .g. hadach, tmo, distubanc in attntion, constipation and dcasd libidmay alsb symptoms dpssion and usually attnuat whn th dpssiv stat impovs.

Many th patints I hav sn hav stayd on amitiptylin yas and say that it has tansomd thi livs. Whn daling with pain, it is woth giving dug thapy a chanc and woking with you docttty dint appoachs sthat you ind th paticula appoach that is ight you, which bings you th bnits pain li, allows you tdmo, and givs you th quality li that you and you doctboth want.

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