Tender coconut mocktail

by foodsavory

Tender Coconut Mocktail

Tender coconut mocktailtender coconut mocktail

An easy to make simple and healthy drink from foodsavory to beat the scorching summer heat.



Tender coconut -1

Honey – 2-3 table spoons

Cardamom (elaichi powder)-1/2 tsp


Method of preparation

Drain the tender coconut water and keep it aside.

Now break the tender coconut & scoop out the white fleshy part.

Transfer the fleshy part along with the tender coconut water, cardamom powder and honey to a blender.

Blend it till the texture is smooth.

Transfer the contents to a glass, add ice cubes and serve.


Note: You can replace honey with sugar.

Some people also add milk along with this while blending to make tender coconut milk shake.

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