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Due to the potent combination of sildenafil and tadalafilthis drug has proven to be very reliable in the market as far as the management of erectile dysfunction is concernedThe ingredients therein make Sildalis a very strong ED drug with the ability to give the user prolonged and sustainable erectionsThis means you can have sex for longer and enjoy it more when on this drug.

Scientists have thought that Sildenafil and Tadalafil together are incompatibleand their interaction may cause side effectsHoweverscientists in RSM enterprises have found the optimal molecule formula and crossed two drugs in order to achieve the maximal effect in the treatment of the erectile dysfunction without side effects.

Sildalis is a powerful drug that has been used to effectively deal with erectile dysfunctionUnlike many ED drugsSildalis has a special formula that makes it stronger and more effective than most ED drugs in the marketThis special formula consists of tadalafil and sildenafil citrate combined in one tabletThis drug will help to manage your erectile dysfunction and restore your sexual prower thus increasing your confidence and feeling of self-worth.

The innovative molecule formula of Sildalis has a unique mechanism of the action:

In some rare casesthere could be drowsinessflushingdizzinessand vomiting.

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