Aam Ka Panna (Sweet and sour raw mango drink)

by foodsavory

Aam Ka Panna

Its summer time and to beat the heat we all love to have chilled drinks.Aam Ka Panna

Today foodsavory is introducing you to a ‘sweet and sour’ drink which would tickle your taste buds.  The drink is called ‘Aam Ka Panna’! This drink is very popular in north India and is equally relished by people all across India. This drink can also be served as a mocktail during parties. You can make large quantities of this drink and refrigerate it and serve on need basis. It is a very good appetizer!

Beat the summer heat with Aam Ka Panna!!!

Raw green mangoes – 2
Sugar – 1/2 cup (or according to your taste)
Salt – 1 tsp
Roasted Cumin seeds (powdered )– 2 tsps
Rock salt (kala namak)-To taste

Method of preparation:
Peel the mango skin and take the flesh.

Pressure cook the mango flesh with little water and a pinch of turmeric powder to enhance the color. Cook till the mangoes are in mashing consistency. Allow it to cool.

Transfer the pulpy cooked flesh into a blender and blend it well.  Add sugar and salt (depending on the sourness of the mango) and blend well for a few seconds.  The blended puree is ready.

If you are serving ‘Aam ka Panna’ in glasses, – fill around ¼ cup of the glass with this blended puree & add cumin powder (1/4 teaspoon) and water. Add ice cubes and serve it chilled.

Some people prefer a dash of rock salt (Kala Namak) mixed in this drink. Some also prefer making this drink a little spicy by adding pepper powder.

‘Aam Ka Panna’ surely would quench your thirst immediately!

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