A Culinary Masterpiece: Fillet Mignon Tartare with Capers and Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette

The world of gourmet cuisine is a testament to the art of transforming simple ingredients into dishes that are nothing short of culinary masterpieces. One such dish is ‘Fillet Mignon Tartare with Capers and Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette’, a recipe that combines the delicate flavour of fillet mignon with the tangy punch of capers and Dijon mustard.

Fillet Mignon Tartare with Capers and Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette Recipe

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Fillet mignon tartare with capers and Dijon mustard vinagrette

The simplicity of this recipe is what makes it delicious and tasty. The secret, which must not be a secret, stays in the freshness of the meat you will buy: must be tender and super fresh. The vinaigrette....does the rest with the crunchy grilled and salted vegetables.
Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine French
Servings 4 people
Calories 2156 kcal


  • 1 knife
  • 1 small bowl
  • 1 non stick pan


  • 350 gr of fillet mignon
  • 8 spring onions
  • Some small green sweet peppers friggitelli or similar
  • Extra virgin olive oil

For the vinaigrette

  • Some capers
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Some drops of Worcester sauce
  • Some drops of sweet soya sauce
  • Some drops of green tabasco
  • A teaspoon of Dijon mustard
  • Some drops of lemon or lime


  • Take the piece of fillet mignon and chop it with a knife till it gets almost minced: do not use the mixer.
  • Take a pastry ring, medium size, put it on a serving dish and start to fill it with the minced meat helping yourself with a spoon. Remove the ring and keep on preparing the other portion. Cover and live in the fridge while preparing the vinaigrette and the vegetables.
  • Clean the onions, clean the peppers, take away the seeds, wash them carefully, take a non stick pan, heat it very well and cut these vegetables longitudinally.
  • Lay down the vegetables and make them get to a good point of brown, turning them once in a while. When they are ready, lay them on a serving dish, season with oil, salt and pepper and live them aside.
  • Start now preparing the vinaigrette: cut the capers in medium size pieces, put them in a small bowl and add all the other ingredients: oil, a little salt, pepper to taste, Worcester and soya sauces, the green tabasco, the Dijon mustard, the lemon and mix energetically by hand. When the mixture is ready, smooth and shiny put it aside.
  • Star preparing the dish to be served: take your tartare, put the vegetables aside and season with your vinaigrette.


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About Fillet Mignon Tartare with Capers and Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette

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This recipe features fillet mignon, a cut of beef known for its tenderness and mild flavour, served raw in the style of tartare. The meat is finely chopped and mixed with capers, adding a salty, briny note that complements the beef beautifully. The Dijon mustard vinaigrette, with its sharp, tangy flavour, ties the dish together, creating a balance of flavours that is both sophisticated and satisfying.

Cooking Tips

  • Use fresh, high-quality fillet mignon from a trusted source since it will be served raw.
  • Ensure your capers are well-drained to prevent excess moisture in the tartare.
  • When preparing your Dijon mustard vinaigrette, adjust the acidity and seasoning to taste.
  • Serve the tartare immediately after preparation to maintain its freshness.
  • Adjust seasoning as per taste. The vinaigrette should enhance, not overpower, the fillet mignon.

Serving Suggestions

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  • Serve the fillet mignon tartare as an appetizer or a light main course.
  • Pair with a glass of full-bodied red wine, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon, to complement the rich flavours.
  • Accompany with a side of crusty bread or toast points for added texture.
  • A simple green salad with a light vinaigrette can provide a refreshing contrast.
  • For dessert, consider a light sorbet or a cheese platter to round off the meal.


  • Can I use another type of meat for this recipe? Yes, you can substitute fillet mignon with other lean cuts of beef.
  • Can I make the vinaigrette in advance? Yes, the vinaigrette can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator.
  • What can I use if I don’t have Dijon mustard? You can use other types of mustard, but it will alter the flavour profile.
  • Can I cook the fillet mignon instead of serving it raw? Yes, but it would no longer be a tartare dish.
  • Is there a vegetarian alternative for this dish? You can replace the fillet mignon with a hearty vegetable like beetroot or mushroom.

‘Fillet Mignon Tartare with Capers and Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette’ is a dish that showcases the beauty of simplicity and the art of balancing flavours. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply treating yourself to a gourmet meal, this recipe promises a culinary experience that is both indulgent and memorable. So, embrace the joy of cooking, savour the flavours, and most importantly, enjoy the journey.

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