Olan Recipe

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How to make Olan

Olan Recipeolan recipe

Olan is a semi gravy dish and an important part of kerala feasts. It’s a mildly spiced dish made in coconut milk gravy. The vegetables used vary, but the main ingredient is the same i.e. pumpkin. Some people use only white pumpkin (ashgourd) where as some people use yellow pumpkin.

This recipe contains both varieties of pumpkin along with a few other ingredients.


White pumpkin (ash gourd) -1/2 cup (cut into medium sized slices)

Yellow pumpkin -1/2 cup (cut into medium sized slices)

Black eyed beans (soaked overnight) – ½ cup

Arvi (colocasia)-sliced  – ½ cup

Salt to taste

Coconut milk (diluted) -1/2 cup

Coconut milk (thick) – ¼ cup


Coconut oil – 1tbsp

Curry leaves – a few

Green chillies -2

Method of preparation

Pressure cook blackeyed beans and arvi (colocasia) and keep aside. Boil little water and add the pumpkin pieces and once they are half cooked add the blackeyed beans and arvi along with salt, slit green chillies and diluted coconut milk .Cook the vegetables well.

Add the thick coconut milk, bring to boil and switch off the stove. Add coconut oil & curry leaves. Mix well and serve. This goes as a very good accompaniment with Kalan or moru kootan and rice.

Olan is a must do vegetarian main course dish for Onam Sadya / feast.

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