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Marc is a general purpose finite element program capable of solving structural and thermal problemsMarc input is graphically generated using the program Mentat.

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The ability to become a Mentat was a talent limited to a small number of peoplethusthose with the discipline were prized in whatever role they chooseThere are also varying degrees of abilityA Mentat’s capabilities can be greatly increased by taking sapho juicebut using it leads to addictionSapho is extracted from the root of the Ecaz tree and its use doubles or even triples the Mentat’s immense processing powerHoweverrepeated use turns the user’s lips a shade of red.

Mentat is a distributed modular SIEMSecurity Information and Event Management Systemdesigned to monitor networks of all sizesIts architecture enables receptionstorageanalysisprocessing and response to a great volume of security incidents originating from various sourcessuch as honeypotsnetwork probeslog analysersthird party detection servicesetcThe Mentat system has been developed as an open-source project.

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