Lemon Iced Tea

by digitali

Lemon Iced Tea

Lemon Iced Tea lemon iced tea

Yet another refreshing drink to beat the summer heat!



Black Tea Bags – 4

Hot Water – 4 Cups

Cold Water – 4 Cups

Sugar – 1 Cup

Lemon Juice  – 60 ml (Fresh is best)

Slices of Lemon & sprigs of Mint for Garnish (Optional)



Method of Preparation:

Make a brew of tea using the 4 tea bags in 4 cups of hot water. Allow the tea to steep for no more online casino dgfev than 5 minutes else it may taste bitter.

Put 1 cup of sugar in a jug along with 4 cups of cold water and stir till the sugar dissolves completely.

Pour the steeped brew to the sugar mixed water. Mixing the hot water to the cold water prevents the drink from looking cloudy.

Add the lemon juice to brewed tea.

Serve chilled with a garnish of sliced lemon and a sprig of mint and plenty of Ice.

PS: If you want to have this with a hint of ginger flavor, replace 1 normal tea bag with a ginger flavored bag.

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