Easter Chicken Roast

by foodsavory

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One chicken cut into 8 pieces, washed and drained dry.

Ingredients for the marinade:

Green chillies – 10

Ginger-garlic paste – 2 tsp

Pepper – ½ tsp

Turmeric – 2 tsp

Grind the mentioned ingredients and mix 1/3 of the paste and ½ tsp salt on the chicken pieces. Marinate for 15 minutes.

Ingredients for the roast:

Clove – 8
Cinnamon – 2 inch

Cardamom – 8


1.       Potato – thinly sliced 100gm

2.      Onion – thinly sliced 100gm

3.      Nuts – 50 gm

4.      Raisin (Kismis) – 50 gm

Heat 1 cup refined oil/dalda in a heavy bottomed pan.  Fry items 1-4 till golden brown and keep aside. Then half fry the marinated chicken(procedure for marination mentioned above). In the remaining oil  fry cinnamon, cloves and cardamom for a few minutes and then add the remaining 2/3 of the ground paste. Fry till the oil starts leaving the edges and add 2 cups of water, sufficient salt and lemon juice of half lemon and bring to a boil. Now add the fried chicken pieces and the other fried items kept aside and cook till done. Serve hot.


1)      1 tsp cornflour can be added if thicker gravy is required.

2)     For those who do not prefer nuts and raisins can avoid using the same.

3)     This dish can be prepared with any meat.

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